Election Day!

Today is your chance to have your voice heard and vote for the best candidate you think would be the president that can help our country in the next four years. I did early voting a while ago. The lines were shorter, which was nice since I went with all three girls by myself. Please go out and vote! For me, the issues I am most concerned with are healthcare, the economy, cost of gas and education system both higher education as well as the school systems which my children attend. Those of you who follow me on Instagram may know that I’m a mom for Mitt. I’m not voting for Mitt because he’s a Mormon and I’m a Mormon. That doesn’t make a difference in my consideration for president. I am a Romney supporter because after listening to the debates and studying both candidates, I believe Mitt’s ideas for the country are ones that I believe can make the most difference and make things better. I’m not going into all the details, but I hope you go vote today, if you haven’t yet. Whether you are voting Obama or Romney or someone else, please go and vote! Happy Elections Day!

Β» Tell me… Want to discuss who you are voting for today and why?

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  • Jackie

    I am voting for Mitt for the most part because I don’t think we can afford to risk having the next four years be a repeat of the last four. And, I believe we need someone in office with strong ethics and traditional values, to protect the sanctity of life & marriage.

  • Mindy

    I to voted for Mitt for all of the reasons listed above but also I feel like Obama has made us a very contentious nation. Blacks against white, rich against poor and is to chicken to stand up for the values this nation was founded on. I also think he lacks integrity.

  • Dezarae

    I love your website πŸ™‚

    Would love to get into a discussion about today’s election with some Americans but I don’t know any (I’m Australian. I) feel like I know almost as much as the average US citizen because the Australian media has been following the entire campaign :/ I wonder if you guys are lucky enough to see our elections *sarcastic undertones* lol??
    I have some questions about Mitt’s integrity. In his home electorate he made it illegal to carry assault weapons and had always held strong anti-gun views but once he started to pursue the presidential position he back flipped because gun owners make a large number of the vote and getting in the way of an American’s constitutional rights (whether that right be the cause of tens of thousands of deaths every year) would be political suicide. Furthermore his stance on women’s rights confuse me because in the early 2000s he held ‘women’s choice’ views but has slowly back flipped and now holds strong anti-abortion beliefs and intends on making each state responsible for choosing whether abortion is made illegal or not. It worries me that the health choices for women are being decided by this man or anyone else for that matter. Also, Obama introduced what you fondly call ‘Obama-care’ but Romney wants to separate this into individual states and give them the power to control health care. I feel he is just trying to get ‘in’ on the health care action and really can’t offer anything more than to pull apart a new scheme of healthcare that already benefits so many Americans. While Obama also has flaws, I feel that he is a better candidate for this election and hope he gets another 4 years in office. In regard to Mindy’s comment about being a contentious nation, don’t you already have all of these issues? Blacks against white, rich against poor? I feel, him being black and introducing a healthcare system that assists low-to middle class income earners and boosting employment numbers etc equalises a nation with many social, cultural and religious issues…

    What happens in the US effects the rest of the world and while I hope you guys get a President who will solve many of these issues, I also hope he understands the implications this role has on other nations.

    Please note I am not ‘trolling’ I would just like to get into a conversation/debate with some Americans about the election today and totally agree that whomever you vote for, you should at least vote – AND TAKE A FRIEND WITH YOU!!

    Happy election day πŸ˜€

  • Sam

    Wow. I find it shocking that your previous poster said Obama has made us a very contentious nation. It was the Republicans who threatened to filibuster Congress over 240 times. It was a Republican senator who said it was his main goal in office to make sure Obama was a one-term president. It is the Republicans who continue to fight to keep tax breaks for the 1% while not offering any relief to the middle class. Those people aren’t there to compromise and move the country forward and I most certainly will not vote for them.


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