Elections 2012

I was up too late watching the elections last night. I had a pit in my stomach all day. Anxious. Honestly, I am kind of sad the way it turned out. I was hoping for a change in the country. I was hoping that Americans would vote for someone who would protect the family. And I believe in working hard and earning things for myself rather than having basic life necessities provided by the government. Congratulations to President Obama. I hope he will do what he thinks is right for the country rather than what is popular. I hope he will get to work on some of the things he said he was going to do, like create jobs for the country. I was not impressed by what he had accomplished in the last four years and how it had affected my life and my family. But I can only hope the next four years would be better than the last.

» Tell me… What do you think about the elections yesterday? Were you surprised by the results? What are you looking forward to from Obama this next term?

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  • Renee F.

    I agree with you. My husband and I own a small business, we employ American workers. We do not outsource anything overseas. We have seen nothing good come from the last 4 years. We are on the verge of shutting down and live from paycheck to paycheck. If we shut down then American workers suffer too. We believe in working for what you get and you get what you work for. I do not believe that the government will be there for you when you need them. If you look at the current situation with Hurricane Sandy things are VERY slowly recovering. That is why our family only believes on relying on itself and the people you surround yourself with. That is why we save money and pay things off and put aside food. We do this not because we believe the world will end or something crazy like that. We do this so when our business has a rough time we have food to rely on and cash to help get us through. I hope he will change things around in the next four years, but he needs to learn to work with others first. I hope that he does work with Romney on how to better communicate with others. I am not saying that Romney is perfect but he can help Obama in that aspect. I was glad to see there is still a balance between the House and the White House. The next 1460 days will be interesting.

  • Kathy

    I too am very disappointed with the election and agree with your principles. I did not vote for Obama in the first election because I felt he didn’t have the experience needed to run our country, but did not wish him to fail. In my opinion he did fail in so many ways and was very surprised at this election’s outcome. I can only hope he’ll do a better job this time and bring our country out of this dismal economic situation. There are so many things I disagree on with this administration that I just pray we are able to get back on track. I really hope, with not much enthusiasm, that the media will do its job and report on what is actually going on and not favor one side so that people can become aware of what’s really happening.

  • Alissa

    Obama is a happily married man with two beautiful children, I don’t quite get how he can be seen as destroying family? I believe that these past four years would have been tough economically regardless of who was in power, but I’m hopeful things can improve soon.

    • Emily

      I agree with your confusion on the “Destroying Families” argument. I try to stay really civil and open mined when discussing political issues, but the reason I support Obama is because he works to protect every person’s rights. It would be a disaster to outlaw abortion and practically no developed nation has such laws in place. Gay rights, Women’s right and rights to healthcare are what Obama supports and Romney has openly stated he will do everything in his power to limit. Also, the president has close to no power when it comes to controlling the economy. so why vote based on that, as many have said they did.
      Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog and I thank you for being gracious and congratulating the President. I sincerely hope he fulfills your expectations over the next four years and that this country does not fall to deeply into this partisan battle.

  • Jules

    I think it is telling that the state where I live (MA) did not vote for Mr. Romney. I wish Mr. Romney well but am beyond relieved that the rest of the country will not have to experience what we did. Four years is a drop in the bucket to fix what President Obama inherited from George Bush. At least he saved the auto industry and the country didn’t free fall into a major depression.

  • Kris

    I am excited. I truly feel that the President needs the next 4 years to accomplish everything he has set in his mind to do. So many people are against the healthcare that has been passed, but when I went for my check up at the lady doctor, I didn’t have to pay my co-pay anymore because his healthcare has made it more affordable for women to get preventative care. I am sad the election is over. I love the excitement of election time and I really look forward to see what candidates pop up and have to offer this country. I was especially excited to see so many new women elected to office last night. Also I am proud that women made up 55% of the voters yesterday. It was truly an exciting night and I stayed up till 2am to hear the speeches.

    • Nate

      Your checkup at the doctor still cost money. It just came out of someone else’s pocket. Probably your company. Which means providing healthcare for you and your family costs them more, which means your salary (or raise) won’t go up. So, you will pay for it – it will just come back to bite you indirectly. Enjoy the short term benefits…

  • Kristal

    I have voted for Obama both times. This time a big reason is that I fully support the affordable healthcare act. I always have felt strongly about healthcare reform but last year I had my second child, a beautiful little boy born with heart defects. We were in the process of moving to utah for my husband to go to school and mistakenly ended up on student insurance. We dealt firsthand with our 2 month old being denied heart care and the very real prospect of going beyond broke if he needed it. I felt my vote was to protect my family and many like mine.

  • Jennifer

    I have to say I would have been fine either way. Both candidates were so similar to each other. The economy has been slower to recover than anyone liked, but I think a second term president will be more effective for the next four years than a first term president would have been.

  • Kari

    I was very sad and still am a little in shock. I do not understand how everyone can turn such a blind eye to his policies and failures. Obamacare will ruin many a small business. I do believe healthcare needs reform, especially pre-existing conditions, but what pushed through was unconstitutional. The auto bail out was payed for by us (and our future children) not Obama and actually will help push us into a recession again- like putting it on a credit card!. And a man can have a family and be a good father and still champion very unfriendly policies toward families. We are small business owners whose cost (the taxes O has implemented) to have employees will probably sink us or make let them go- who wins there?. in the next four years. He has apologized openly for our religious freedom in our country and looks to limit our second amendment rights this term(has said this). I really think people my age and younger think entitlements are free. They just don’t realize how high a cost they exact from everyone- even the recipients. And then there were the lies and cover ups on Benghazi – which breaks my heart. Oh well, I am an optimist and do think that by 2016 some good things will be in place to enact some real positive outcomes.

  • Jenny

    Tiffany, I am right there with you. I am extremely disappointed that the country has chosen to turn a blind eye to the condition (both economically and morally) that our country is in right now. Our family and many others are worse off than they were 4 years ago. I pray that things will improve over the next four years, but I see nothing that would indicate that it will. I will continue to stand for life, personal responsibility, and the traditional family. So glad to have a like-minded friend here in blog land!

    • Tiffany

      i know, jenny. i feel like there are less and less people fighting for the family now a days. i can only pray that our children will have a bright future ahead of them.

  • Christine

    “And I believe in working hard and earning things for myself rather than having basic life necessities provided by the government.”

    I think it’s a little too easy for us who have jobs and homes to assume that people receiving help from the government DON’T believe in working hard and earning things for themselves. I know plenty of people who are struggling to make ends meet and can’t get off food stamps even though they work 2-3 jobs. In this economy, even getting a job at McDonald’s is hard in some areas! And if you’re homeless, where are you going to get the clothes, or what kind of address or phone # will you put on the application? I’m sure there are people that are resting on their haunches on government handouts but I don’t think it’s okay to assume everyone getting government assistance is in the same boat. Moreover, until we know more of their stories, I don’t think we should presume to know things like that.

    • Tiffany

      hi christine. oh, i don’t assume that everyone who is on government welfare is just lazy and don’t want to work. i know there are people who are on it because they really need the help. but i have also worked with and seen first hand of people who do abuse that assistance. i know all about not having work. my husband was unemployed for two years and we had absolutely nothing. hardly any money coming in, just whatever contract work my husband could get while getting his master’s degree at an expensive but good school. but we still worked our tails off at that time to do what we can to provide for our children, cutting back on anything and everything that wasn’t the basic necessities. so i don’t say what i said in the post without coming from experience.

      thanks for your comment though! i enjoy reading your opinion and i value your thoughts and the time you took to read SMM. 🙂

  • Kathy

    oh I am deeply saddened by the results of the election. If anyone is truly studious of what is going on in this country, not just going off of what the media tells them or feel good ideas, they should know that this is not a good envirionment for economic growth. Stop blaming President Bush. We are tired of that lame excuse. A full Presidential term should show if you have the capability the nation needs or not. Presidaent Obama stated that himself in the first election. As a small business owner, we understand that the government has a stranglehold on us. I thing Romney could have changed that. I know that he was not a perfect choice, but at least he made his own money and wanted others to have the chance to do the same thing. The arguement that he was rich and didn’t understand the “common man” just doesn’t stand. He gave up his inheritance, and earned his fortune the old fashioned way….himself. Anything else. is just falsehood.


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