Friday’s 5 at 5: PBS Shows For Children

Here’s the truth. My children do watch some TV. But I only let them watch shows on PBS Kids. I love PBS because there are not commercials and the shows are educational. I linked to each of the show’s website page because there are some fun educational online games on there. Here are my favorite PBS Shows for my kids…

  • Peep and the Big Wide World. Hilarious. Peep, Chirp and Quack are on an adventure each day. It’s fun to see the world through the eyes of a duck, chick, and bird. Absolutely love this show. Makes me laugh.
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!  Amazing how the Cat can teach about all sorts of various animals around the world all the while still rhyming. Nick and Sally are pretty fun too learning with Thing 1 and Thing 2. My children love learning about animals and their special qualities.
  • Curious George. Who doesn’t love George and his curiousness? He is always getting in trouble but nothing that he can’t fix with the help of the Man in the Yellow Hat.
  • WordWorld. It’s a great show that teaches all about spelling and letter sounds. Also teaches how if you change certain letters in a word it can cause some trouble!
  • Dinosaur Train. Elle loves dinosaurs and because of this show, Kaye does too. What a fun way to get kids to learn about dinosaurs!

» Tell me… What shows do your children like to watch on TV? What are some of your favorite children shows? What shows can’t you stand?

5 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: PBS Shows For Children”

  • Nani

    I do let my mini watch tv sometimes, but like you I tend to keep it on our harddrive so no actual live tv which = no commercials and I get to control wh a t she watches much more. She likes shows like Doc Mcstuffins, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Charlie & Lola, Dinosaur train, Super Why, and curious george. I love that they are all educational in their own way but fun for her as she is learning so much from them.

  • Patti

    Curious George is my favourite – both my girls enjoy it too 🙂
    My oldest really enjoys Arthur – I’m a fan as well.
    We don’t watch much of anything else but Scooby Doo is another requested show.
    Shows I do not like – Dora, Toopy and Binoo, Yo Gabba Gabba, and that show where the animals are on wheels???
    I really wish my kids liked Sesame Street but my oldest never did and my youngest still doesn’t have much interest in TV.

  • Jen

    have you seen the new show on PBS called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood? My 2 year old LOVES IT. I’m with you, I only let her watch PBS but she never really cared about shows until this one came along. It’s very cute and based on the character’s in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I’m telling everyone about it!

  • Emily

    My daughter used to watch Curious George and Word World but has lately been into movies. I also like the Spanish version of Pocoyo (which we watch on youtube) and stuff from our childhoods like sesame street (before Elmo took over) and scooby doo. I can’t stand Dora.

  • Sam

    I was just talking with another mother this morning about how much I love PBS not only because it has great commercial-free programming for kids but because it can buy me half an hour of peace and quiet which is very hard to get otherwise. My girls LOOOOVE Super Why and The Electric Company!


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