Goodbye Thanksgiving… Hello Christmas!

Well, hello there! Did you make it through Thanksgiving? Were you able to have a nice relaxing weekend with the family and reflect upon the things you are grateful for this year?

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Loved all the time I got to spend with family and friends. Kaye was out of school the entire week. I had all sorts of fun things planned, we were going to have play date with friends, go see Christmas lights at a farm with reindeer, go shopping and do game nights with friends. But then each one of us, with the exception of the baby, took turns getting sick. We were all well on Thanksgiving Day then the following day went back to sick kids. Sunday morning we were all well again to go to church. Let’s hope we stay well. It seems that in our area there is a flu virus going around and a stomach bug going around. What we got was just fevers. Still not fun though.

Our Thanksgiving this year was a little smaller than usual. We had about 25 people, missing a few families who recently moved to different states. Since our Thanksgiving is always more than 20 people, we always do buffet style. We had tons of yummy food and turkey and desserts. So yummy! It was such a gorgeous day where we played outside in 70 degree weather. Elle got to play with dogs and Kaye learned to hit a ball with a bat. Eve just wanted to run around the grass barefooted. And that she did.

Then Black Friday I wasn’t going to go out and shop because there wasn’t anything that I wanted to get this year. But then I ended up going to 8 stores with a friend starting at 5:30 a.m. We had so much fun and literally shopped until we dropped. The rest of the day I spent with the family getting out Christmas decorations. My favorite part of this time of year. Hope you are ready for Christmas!

» Tell me… How was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Did you go out and shop? What did you buy? What time were you out shopping?

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