Instagram: Best Apple Pie

We had some friends over for dinner Sunday night and they brought dessert. They brought an apple pie from the Whole Food bakery. Oh.My.Happy.Tummy. That was the best apple pie ever! I usually not a fan of store bought apple pies. But this was so amazingly delicious. A nice thick crust that is flakey and the perfect density. The apple filling wasn’t too sweet or too thick or too gooey. And the top crust was sprinkled with sugar crystals that gave it a little crunchiness. Are you salivating yet? I am. That pie only lasted 3 days at our house. Nom. Nom.

» Tell me… What’s the best apple pie you have ever had? Who made it or where did you get it?

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  • Alaina

    Oh that looks Yummy! Apple Pie is my favorite- and the best I’ve ever had was my Grandma’s. She always made each grandchild their favorite pie if they were coming to visit or just to make us happy. I’ve never had any other pies anywhere that compare to hers- but this looks very good- I might have to make a pilgrimage to Whole Foods, or just use Grandma’s recipe and try to re-create it!


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