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So last week’s Instagram I talked about the trail of food that follows my children around the house. Well, we decided to buy a Roomba and it has been nice. I come downstairs in the morning and the floors are clean. It also makes us more consistent with picking up toys and things off the floors each night so the Roomba can do its thing. I am surprised with how well it works. All my friends who have one totally recommend it. But this isn’t a Roomba review post.

This is a post about a certain husband who is completely in love with this robot. He was literally giggling like a little school girl. I have never seen him like this and it was amusing to watch. He followed the Roomba wherever it went. Then he found the controller that came with it. Oh that was it. You give a man a control of a robot and he turns into a 7-year-old. He had the Roomba chasing the girls around the house. Of course the younger girls were screaming and crying because they thought the robot vacuum was after them to suck them up.

I was going to consider calling the Roomba as my Christmas gift this year. But I think I’ll call it Nathan’s Christmas gift. He’s enjoying it more. Now if I could just find a robot that will mop and cook dinners I will be set.

Β» Tell me… What toys does your husband like to play with?

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  • Shannon from Michigan

    This is just so funny! I have never thought about getting one of these, but now I am going to go do some research!

  • Alex Cheung

    I can totally imagine this scene unfolding before my eyes! I had thought of getting a Roomba before, but this just seals the deal (well, when we have the budget for it). Happy to hear things have been going well after the funeral.

  • LaShawn

    I dont know why I never thought of a roomba! I’ve seen them before and since my child’s mobile stages I have complained of the trail of food he leaves. Off to look for one. πŸ™‚


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