Instagram: Trails of Food

My kids are allowed to eat in the living room. And because they do, there are food all over the floor. There are times when the food on the floor is enough to feed an adult. It’s ridiculous. I try to pick up the big stuff. But the crumbs makes me nervous because we don’t vacuum nearly enough. I am nervous that it would attract bugs and rodents into our house. Like last year’s struggles with mice in our home. That was a nightmare. Yuck! And because we got such great reviews from friends who own iRobot Roomba, we bought one on sale the other week. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with it. Nathan was so impressed by it he could spend all day watching that robot go. It does a great job vacuuming up our hardwood floors, rugs and carpet. We thought about buying a Dyson vacuum, but it didn’t vacuum by itself. And our problem is remembering or having the time to vacuum. So we decided to try the robot. Not bad, Roomba. Now I just need a Roomba that mops and one that makes dinners.

Β» Tell me… How do you keep up with your children’s messes? Do you allow them to eat anywhere in the house? How often do you get around to vacuuming? Do you have a Roomba? Do you like it?

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2 Responses to “Instagram: Trails of Food”

  • colleen @ hello olive

    Sigh, food on the floor… No sooner do I vacuum/mop/tidy before it’s messy all over again. My son is allowed to eat everywhere except the bedrooms. I dread finding a half eaten banana under the bed πŸ™‚

  • Alaina

    If my Dyson could do it for me, that would be amazing:) But- I do have a Dyson, and I LOVE IT! I pretty much have it plugged in all the time- we have all hard floors + an area rugs- and I allow my 3 boys to eat snack-type food in the family room on the rug as well, so we are always having crumbs and such. I vacuum every day, and my 5 year old also does it- he likes using the attachment to suck up crumbs and it keeps him occupied for several minutes, so it’s a nice distraction when things are getting too hectic. I like the idea of a Roomba, but my boys would probably catch it and try and take it apart or something! Plus, it really is amazing how deep the Dyson vacuums- sometimes in the winter, when we used to have wall to wall carpet, I felt like my kids were getting sick a lot, and vacuuming seemed to help, and I couldn’t believe all the junk it would clean from the carpets. I’ll always own a Dyson, but maybe I’ll add a Roomba when they are older πŸ™‚


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