Triathlons and Marathon Race Number Belt Tutorial

A while ago I made my dad a race number belt because he likes to do triathlons and half marathons. Oh, ha! You thought I did triathlons and marathons? If only you could see me run. You would laugh too. Anyway, if you do triathlons especially, you would know that when you are transitioning between the different portions of the race, fiddling around with your number tag can slow you down. So often the racers would wear a belt that carried the number that they could clip on and off easily. I made one for my dad a year ago. It was pretty simple and cheap to make. I found all the supplies at JoAnn and made the belt for less than $7.


  • 2 cord stops
  • 1-inch wide polypro belting (measure the waist size + 5 inches for the length)
  • parachute buckle
  • 12-inches of basic polyester cording
  • black thread

1. Cut the 12-inch polyester cording in half so you have two 6-inch pieces. Then burn the ends to seal it from fraying. Also melt the ends of the polypro belt so they don’t fray.

2. Put the ends of the belt through the parachute buckle. Follow package instructions. Then sew the ends of the belt. The end with the buckle that clips inside, that’s the end that you sew down to the belt. Pull belt end through loop, sew it down so the buckle doesn’t come out. The other end is adjustable so they can make the belt tighter or loose. So once you put loop the belt through the buckle so it can be adjustable, you fold the end of the belt at a 1/2-inch fold and fold again and sew the fold. Sew this slowly because you are sewing through three layers of the belt. This is so the belt end can’t slip through the loops of the buckle when adjusting it.

3. Find the half point on the belt opposite end of the buckle. Center the race number on there so you can get an idea where to put the two cords.

4. Sew the cords in place by sewing over the cord a few times at the top and bottom of the belt so it is sturdy.

5. Attach the cord stop, one one each cord. To apply the race number, you pull the cord through the holes at the top of the race number then put the cord stop on after it. That prevents the number from falling out. And done!

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3 Responses to “Triathlons and Marathon Race Number Belt Tutorial”

  • Jennie Sawyers

    That is so cool!Since I have run my first race, I can totally see how that would come in handy when you’re changing out of certain gear to do the next even on a triathlon!!

  • Laura

    Great idea! Right now I’m using a piece of elastic, sewn in a circle, to which I safety pin my number. So far I haven’t brought myself to spend the $$ on a store bought race belt… this is a great compromise!


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