Ella the Elf

marshmallow snowman

Kaye’s first grade class has an elf name Ella who drops by every once in a while to bring them treats and messages from Santa. She makes sure the children are behaving well in class. She is not in the classroom where they can see her. She sneaks in while they are at lunch or in a different class. And sometimes, she makes a mess or brings decorations to share her holiday spirit.

elf snow angel

Well, don’t tell the kids this, but I may or may not have helped Ella last Friday. She dropped off the tag garland with a special message from Santa. She left it on the teacher’s desk. And then she brought some snow into the classroom and made a few marshmallow snowmen and a snow angel in the snow. And lastly, she left some snow on the children’s desks and a treat bag of snowman poop. That’s right, I said poop. It had mini marshmallows and M&Ms in it. The kids had never been so excited about poop before.

snowman poop

» Tell me… Do your children’s teachers do the elf thing to keep the children behaving this time of year when they are so excited about everything? Or what other tactics do they use to keep the children calm from all the holiday excitements?

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