Friday’s 5 at 5: Gifts for Chef Mom

Christmas is next week! Early next week, in fact. Yeah, like Tuesday. Right. Not like Tuesday. It is Tuesday. Are you ready for it yet? If you are still looking for gifts, here are some gift ideas for the mom who loves to spend her time in the kitchen. That lady who pours her love into the food she makes for her family. Although, that is totally not me. I like to eat. I don’t like to cook. And I have really cut down on baking because I eat what I bake. And therefore, it goes all into my waist. Anyway, here are some fun gifts for that chef mom you know…

  1. Tablet kitchen stand. I look for recipes online all the time and this is a great stand to allow me to read the recipe without getting my iPad dirty or wet from the cooking process.  tablet kitchen stand
  2. Pyrex Portable. My mom gave me one years ago and I still use mine to this day. I love it because it makes transferring hot dishes to parties and potlucks much easier. Keeps it cold or warm and prevents things from spilling in my car. pyrex portables
  3. Warming pitcher. I found this at World Market and bought one for a gift exchange. But it was such a cute idea I want one for myself. It’s a warming pitcher where you put hot water where the cork is and it keeps whatever is in the pitcher warm – syrup, gravy, creamer and such. warming pitcher
  4. Ice cream maker. I have this one. First of all, I love all the different colors it comes in. How adorable is that?! And this one also makes sorbets and frozen yogurts. So you can make your own flavors. Can someone say, ice cream party! ice cream maker
  5. French bread tray. I saw this in a local cooking boutique store over a year ago and it has been on my wish list ever since. It’s a serving tray that allows you to cut perfect slices of French bread. french bread tray

» Tell me… What is your favorite kitchen tool or dish that you use all the time?

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