Friday’s 5 at 5: Gifts for the Exercising Mom

You know, New Year is coming up, and that means New Year resolutions where we try to lose some weight again. Or maybe you are already a gym junkie and workout all the time anyway. I have been working on losing some baby weight by watching what I eat and working out at the gym. It’s hard to find time for it and keeping the motivation. Anyway, here are some gift ideas for the exercising mom…

  1. Fitbit activity plus sleep tracker. Nathan had one of these and it was pretty cool. This is the newest version of the Fitbit. It’s a cool device that tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep habits. It also syncs with phones, computer and tablet devices. You can also set goals to work towards. fitbit
  2. Nike running vest. Need to stay warm in the winter months, especially when you are exercising outside. 
  3. Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Workout. I have this workout DVD and it’s awesome. Tracy Anderson is really good at toning you up and making the body look good, especially after having a baby. 
  4. Clean Bottle’s Square. It’s a cool new water bottle that is coming out soon. It’s a square shaped bottle that opens on both ends for easy cleaning. Such a cool concept!
  5. Green Smoothie Recipes. Exercise is not everything. Got to eat good too, or in this case, drink well. A great way to get in your daily nutrition. 

» Tell me… Do you exercise regularly? If you do, how do you find time to do it? 

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