Friday’s 5 at 5: Reflecting on 2012

girls and nate

Like many of you, our 2012 had many ups and downs. But overall, reflecting on our year, I cannot help but feel so blessed. We may not have much, but we have each other. That’s the important thing right? Here are some highlights from this year…

  1. Disney World with the in-laws. We found out Nathan’s dad had stage 4 cancer earlier this year. We planned a trip to Disney World with Nathan’s parents after the cancer news as a way for us to spend time together with them and have fun. That we did. We were so glad Nathan’s dad felt well enough from his chemo treatments to party with us for a week. Those memories we will keep forever. 
  2. My grandma visiting from Taiwan. My grandpa passed away January of this year at the age of 101. My grandma had been taking care of him for the past 21 years of his life as he was paralyzed from a car accident. She is an amazing woman and my mom just brought her from Taiwan to the U.S. to spend Christmas with us. It’s so good to see her again.
  3. Watching my girls grow. I am blessed to be at home with my girls and be involved in their extracurricular and school activities. I know they are growing quickly and every time I look at them, they never cease to amaze me.
  4. Amazing husband and dad, Nathan. It takes a special husband and dad to live with four girly girls. He does it wonderfully. The girls think the world of their dad. And I love him more than anything.
  5. A job. Not a day goes by that we are grateful for Nathan and his job. He is such a hard worker and grateful that he is able to provide for our family and allow me to stay home.

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