Fuse Creativity System Review

A few months ago Fiskars came out with their Fuse Creativity System that does die-cut and letterpress. I love letterpress. So when they wanted to send me one to test out, I gladly agreed. They sell the system on Amazon and at Joann stores. If you want to see how it works, I have a 5 minute video below that you can watch.

Essentially, here’s how it works. The starter kit comes with the system, the instruction manual, base plate and cutting mat plate, a black stamping ink pad, a circle scalloped die cut and two press templates for embossing or letterpress. The system is a bit heavy, about 30 pounds, but it is totally mobile. The sides fold up and locks in place making it easy to move. It also has a small storage compartment where you can put up to two die cuts. It has a manual crank like other die cutting machines. And it is wide enough to fit 12×12-inch papers.

You purchase design sets that comes with two letterpress plates. If you want more letterpress plate designs, you can purchase Fuse expansion packs that will provide you with four more plate designs. They also sell an adapter kit that allows you to use other brand’s die cuts and embossing and letterpress plates with the Fuse system. Depending on how you use it, you can do die cut, letterpress and embossing.

Here’s a quick likes and dislike lists…


  • It uses stamp ink pads for letterpress which makes it easy to clean up and not a lot of ink mess like regular letterpresses.
  • It is simple to use, put it all together and crank it through.
  • I can use other machine’s die cut, embossing and letterpress plates on this system, giving me more designs.
  • When die cutting you can cut several pieces of paper at the same time, I have done up to 3 sheets of card stock but I know it can do even more than that. It can also cut other thick materials such as chipboards.
  • The combinations of die cutting, embossing and letterpress really makes the creativity possibilities endless. Great for scrapbooking, creating cards, or even doing cutting of special shapes.
  • I love Fiskars products. I have other products of theirs and they are all good quality and long lasting.


  • Fiskar doesn’t have a lot of design templates or die cuts out yet. Right now they only sell medium size designs. Haven’t release large designs or boarder designs as mentioned on their site.
  • The designs they currently offer is not a la carte. You have to purchase the entire pack even if you only like the designs of one of the letterpress plates.
  • No way of designing your own custom letterpress plates. You can only have die cut or letterpress designs of what is currently out there in stores.

Simply Modern Mom Fiscars Fuse Review from Nate Bird on Vimeo.

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