Holiday Tag Garland Tutorial

I made this quick and easy garland for Kaye’s 1st grade class to bring in a little holiday spirit. Since schools aren’t supposed to be “religious” in anyway these days, I wrote “happy holidays” on the garland rather than “Merry Christmas.” Kaye’s class has a visiting elf that comes and bring them treats if they are well behaved. The elf will be brining this garland and a few other treats this Friday to the class as a gift from Santa. For the tutorial, jump below the next two pictures.

For this project I used the Fiskars Fuse system that does die cutting and letterpress to cut out the tags. I actually used a different craft system’s die cutting plate. But because the Fuse has an adaptor kit that allows you to use other craft system’s plates, I was able to make these adorable tags easily.


  • color card stock paper
  • a die cut system or just simply make your own tag template
  • a Sharpie
  • string, twine, yarn, anything that ties
1. Cut the tags and hole punch it at the top. The die cut plate I used cut the tag with the hole.

2. Write out your phrase with one letter per card using the Sharpie. I used a thin Sharpie because these tags weren’t too big.

3. Measure and cut the length of your string. If you just pull the string through the hole, the tags will all face the side rather than the front. So to tie the tags where they face forward, you pull a loop through the hole with the loop on the front side of the card.

4. Pull both ends of the string through the loop from the back to front. If you have other cards already on the string, you will need to pull the tags through the loop too, then pull the end through.

5. Work it so the tags are evenly spaced on the string. And done!

» Tell me… What kind of holiday activities are your children’s teachers doing in class these days to keep them well behaved? 

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