I Cannot Imagine

I haven’t made any comments on the blog or any of my social networks about the school shooting that took place on Friday because I can’t put to words my thoughts and feelings on this tragedy. Mostly questions go through my mind. And then I just think of the families that are affected by such act of hatred… my heart is just broken. Those beautiful children. I have a daughter that age and I was at the school with her on Friday when the shooting was happening in Connecticut. I didn’t find out about the even until later that afternoon. I was so happy to pick her up from school and have her safe with me. I don’t reflect on the event and point blame on the public school system or on guns.

There are so many sad things happening in the world and as a mom, I can’t help but wonder what kind of world will my children grow up in. It is not a comforting thought, especially after what had just happened. But as I held my children this weekend and spent time with them, I couldn’t help but reflect upon this Christmas season and for Jesus Christ. As a religious person, and as a Christian, I know I can be comforted by the peace, love and grace of God, even through hard times.

My prayers and thoughts go out to those affected by this.

» Tell me… What are your thoughts about the tragedy that happened Friday? Did you discuss it with your children?

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