Instagram: Dott the Elf

We started the Elf on the Shelf last year and the girls loved it. Although, it hasn’t affected their behaviors, but they enjoy coming downstairs each morning and trying to find where the elf had moved from the previous day. This year our elf is a girl elf. Her name is Dott. The girls named her Dott because she wears a polka dot skirt. Last year we had a boy elf and his name was Elfie. Our elf hasn’t done any crazy stuff around the house yet. I know. We have a boring elf. Which I don’t mind because I don’t have time to clean up her mess if she did.

» Tell me… Do you do Elf on the Shelf in your home? Does it help your children to behave better at home?

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  • Kris

    our elf leaves notes. He leaves good notes and bad notes. it totally works. my son had a really bad behavior day so we hid the elf and just left a note saying that Buddy had to have a meeting with Santa about his bad behavior. worked like a charm. we even text buddy during the year. i love that elf, i wish he could say out longer 🙂


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