Christmas Cards

This year I ordered our Christmas cards from I’ve used them a few times before for business cards, stickers and also for baby announcement cards. I have always been impressed with the print and card quality of Moo products. So this year, Moo had me try out their Christmas cards. They have some pretty awesome predesigned holiday cards for you to choose from or you can create your own cards using your own photos and/or artwork. We wanted to keep it simple this year with just a postcard. But we did want to send it in an envelope so we can include a newsletter in there. I just ordered 4×6 photo envelopes from Amazon. Although Moo also sells envelopes for their postcards too.

I took our family pictures a few weeks ago. I created a boarder and simple text above in Photoshop. Then I uploaded it on Moo and it was good to go. We added a photo on the back of the cards. I love the thickness of the cards and the glossy on the front of the post cards. If you do put a photo on the back, the print quality is a little different because the back of the postcard is a writable surface so it’s not glossy like the front of the card. What I love about Moo is the ability to customize things to whatever you want and the possibilities are endless.

I took our family photos using a tripod and the timer on my camera. It’s challenging getting everyone to smile at the same time. You know what I mean? And when it comes to Christmas cards, I can’t help but write a personal note on each card. I just feel like it makes the person know you were thinking about them. The back of the post cards are great for writing.

» Tell me… Do you send out Christmas cards anymore? I feel like mailing out Christmas cards can get expensive – cards, photos, stamps, envelopes, printing newsletters. How do you keep the cost down?

Disclaimer: This post is my own opinion of Moo postcards. Moo provided a portion of the postcards for a review. 

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  • jesser

    We use Amazing Mail. I can design a completely original card and upload it. They print and send them out next day to the addresses in my database and … done! You can include a newsletter if you like … we do a pretty photo card on the front and fill the inside with snapshots from the year. It is pretty cost effective, especially if you just use their postcards (I do folded cards and they’re pricier).

  • Emily

    Love your cards!! And the pictures look fantastic! We took pictures with our tripod and self timer last year. We tried again this year and it wasn’t quite right so when my sister came for Thanksgiving we had her push the button/talk to Ansley and get her looking that general direction. Great tip on ordering envelopes separate. 🙂 We went with postcards this year too. I haven’t tried MOO yet but got a great black Friday deal on 75% off the cards plus free shipping. 🙂


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