One Line a Day Journal

mom yearly journal

I saw this book Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book at Barnes and Noble a while ago and thought it was such a fun idea! It is so simple. For each day of the year, you write one line about that day. It can be what you did, something important or unimportant that happened, your thoughts on life or motherhood, or something funny. Keep this up for five years or more and you can see everything you wrote on that particular day for the many years you kept up with it. And you don’t have to have the book to do this. You can do this on an index card each day and keep them all in a file box. Or get your own little notebook and create a day on each page. It’s also a fun gift idea for moms, especially new moms.

» Tell me… Do you keep a journal? Do you write down thoughts or ideas you have in a special notebook?

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