Friday’s 5 at 5: Birthday Traditions

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I haven’t posted a Friday’s 5 at 5 post in a while. And then school was canceled today, but not work. There was talk of ice and maybe snow. So they canceled school. Yup. The benefits of living in the South where they are afraid of anything cold. So it’s just me and the girls today. I thought I would post up a Friday’s 5 at 5… a bit late. I have a girl turning 4 on Monday. We are not doing a birthday party for her this year. I decided early on that I wasn’t doing a big birthday party with friends every year. It’s just too much work when I have three kids and two of them have birthdays in August. This is kind of what we have been going with…

  • Birthday dinner. The birthday person get to choose what they want for dinner, either at a restaurant or a mom-made meal. 
  • Party every other year. Maybe. That seems to be the trend right now. And I have found that having parties outside of our house is awesome. I don’t have to clean up before the party and after the party.
  • Something fun. On years when we don’t do a birthday party, we try to take the girls out to do something fun for their birthday. For example: the museum, a tea party, the zoo, and so forth.
  • Cake and ice cream. Or whatever they requested. One year one girl asked for a pie instead of cake. And if they are in school, I make cupcakes to take to school. This year I think I’m going to try the ice cream castle cake again.
  • Book gift. They get a book as one of their presents on their birthday. Books are always good and fun.

» Tell me… What are your birthday traditions in your family? Do you do a party every year? Do you buy them lots of gifts or just one big gift? 

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  • Jenny

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