Glitter Letters Tutorial

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I bought a few of these cardboard letters from Joann when they were on sale. I thought I could use them as decorations around the house to spell out words and such. I love that Joann has them in various sizes and different fonts. I have covered one before using twine. That turned out pretty well. And I have one more large B that I will be covering soon.

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So this one was pretty simple too. My thought process on this was to use ribbons rather than glue and glitter. Less mess. I turns out, you can see where the glitter ribbons overlap, but not too bad from afar. It’s pretty noticeable up close though. It’s not bad enough where it bothers me. So if you want a seamless glitter cover of your letters, go with the glue and glitter.

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  • cardboard letters
  • glitter ribbons
  • hot glue gun

1. Wrap the ribbon around the letters and glue along the way. I found it best to cover the front and back of the letters first then the sides. And done!

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