Instagram: Slippers


I admit. It has been crazy around here lately. I took on a few big projects, and I am still working on a few of them. So it wasn’t that surprising that one day I left the house with my slippers on. Ha! Luckily I didn’t have to get out of the car. I was just going to pick up Kaye from school.

» Tell me… Ever have those mommy brain moments where you forgot something or misplaced something?

2 Responses to “Instagram: Slippers”

  • Jen

    Ummm….I went to church recently with two different boots on…and didn’t realize it until I got home! You are most definately not alone!

  • Jill

    Got to the store and realized I had my apron on under my coat. Glad I’m not the only one doing things like this! 🙂


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