Instagram: Snow!


I’m all backwards. With all the holidays during the week, I thought today was Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. Ha! I didn’t realized I wasn’t thinking right until late last night. Oh well, I’m a day late and you’ll miss a Friday 5 at 5 post. I’ll try to be more organized next week. For New Year we went north to see snow. We didn’t get any snow yet in Georgia. So we headed north to catch some of this white stuff. Our girls were disappointed to wake up Christmas morning to see it was just rainy. They were hoping for a white Christmas. Their wish came true on New Year when we visited friends in Kentucky and they got a few inches that stayed around for us to build a life size snowman and freeze our tooshies off. Then we were happy to head back South where it was about 10 degrees warmer. Aahhh.

» Tell me… Are you in snow right now? Do you love it or sick of it? What did you do for New Year?

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  • col @ hello olive

    No snow here – we’re in the Southern Hemisphere and it is roasting! There have been a few days though when I longed for snow or even just a few clouds. Happy New Year!

  • jesser

    We need more snow here so we can go skiing on it!! It was getting pretty sparse last week. I’m glad you’re doing the 52 project again. I’ve enjoyed it the past few years and I love that you’re doing an instagram project! … I started something similar for myself this year and your 52 projects were part of my inspiration. 😉


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