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girls stamping

This year I picked up a new goal and motto… Live in the moment. I have been trying to prioritize my life. Be on my phone/computer less and be more active in doing things with my children and family. Also I am able to get a lot more stuff done – projects and cleaning. Not quite to the part of cooking gourmet meals yet. But you get what I mean. Doing more what I want with my life rather than watching and seeing thing I want to do with my life online or on TV. It has really gotten my mind going again. I am coming up with lots of ideas.

Yesterday, I got out some stamps and let the girls go at it. Luckily I found ultra washable stamp pads at the craft store. It got interesting quickly… as in messy. That’s okay. The girls had fun. That’s all that matters, right?

» Tell me… What is a life motto you try to live by?

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