Life Is Good

blessed life

I saw this at a store after Christmas and wanted to get it but didn’t. I love what is says. So… Are you all settled into the new year? We just got back from a weekend and New Year trip to Kentucky to visit friends. I’m unpacking and getting back into the groove of things. Hope to do laundry tomorrow. I have a few things I am working on and hope to show you when I get some time. This year, I want my motto to be “Live in the Moment.” I want to prioritize my life putting the most important things first and getting rid of things that are hindering me from progressing. I hope to return next week with something to show you. Until then, happy 2013!

» Tell me… Do you have a motto you try to live by? What is it?

2 Responses to “Life Is Good”

  • Elizabeth

    Happy New Year to you and your family! We have the same “motto” for this year. I’m certain it can be done. I’ll send positive thoughts your way. Very excited to see what you have in store:)

  • Cyndi Bird

    Great motto for the year! It is choosing the ‘good, better or best’ deal. Much more happiness, peace and joy when we do!


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