Peek Into Our Christmas

christmas 2012 7

Oh we had a lovely Christmas this year. It went by really fast. All the prep work even a month ahead and it’s over in a day. It was great though. We were able to fit a lot of things in that last week before Christmas. Here’s a peek into what we did…

christmas 2012 3

We had our annual tradition of gingerbread houses. The adults could only use graham crackers, frosting and the candies provided. The kids had a pre-made house that I glued together for them to just decorate. This is one of their favorite traditions. The house above was made by my brother. He’s pretty good at this stuff.

christmas 2012 4

I also made a super yummy dinner of potato soup in sourdough  bread bowls. I think this will be a new tradition. It was a big hit with kids and adults.

christmas 2012 5

We also attended Christmas parties put on by friends. I brought an apple and pear crisp to one of the parties. That was yummy too. I’m going to have to hit the gym hard after the holidays. I’ve been eating waaaay too good.

christmas 2012 6

We also made and decorated sugar cookies for Santa. The kids did most of the work. Santa loved them, especially the ones with lots of sprinkles on them. I can’t imagine being Santa and eating that many cookies in one night!

christmas 2012 8

Another family tradition we have is doing a Chinese hot pot at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve. One of my favorites. It’s similar to fondue but with Chinese food and dips.

christmas 2012 9

This Christmas we decided to give less toy presents and do more family things together as gifts. Frankly I am tired of picking up toys. One of the family things we did together was we took the girls to Legoland. They had a blast.

christmas 2012 2

Then Christmas came and we had a ball opening gifts in our pajamas. The girls were awake by 6:20, eager to get downstairs. Santa didn’t bring them what they asked for this year, but the girls absolutely loved what he did bring them.

christmas 2012 1

» Tell me… How was your Christmas this year? Did the children get everything they asked for? How about you?

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  • Jill

    I love the idea of giving less presents and doing more family things together instead. My most memorable Christmases are those with special family activities. I think this will become a tradition for us, too. 🙂


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