Instagram: Chinese New Year

chinese new year dragon

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you are all celebrating Valentine’s Day today. I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of surprises. We are just chilling out for Valentine’s Day. I am volunteering at the school helping the kids with a Valentine’s craft and exchanging cards. But I did want to post a picture from our Chinese New Year celebration last Saturday. We took the girls to a Chinese New Year festival and they were able to give the dragon and lion their red envelopes for good luck. Then we will our tummies with delicious authentic Chinese food. Oh, it was good.

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  • Jen

    I have never experienced a Chinese New YearCelebration…sounds like fun! I am watching my youngest recite a poem in front of the school, then cheer her on in a Jog-A-Thon. Two Varsity basketball games tonight…quite romantic, dontcha think? 🙂


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