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I have been spending all my “free time” transferring my photo library from Apple’s Aperture to Adobe’s Lightroom. I am so happy with Lightroom and how it is helping me organize all my pictures. But the process of moving 43,000 pictures and going through each one to delete duplicates and ones that I don’t want anymore is quite tedious. Anyway, that also means all my craft time have been used for this transferring of photographs. But yesterday I got busy with a craft project that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Knocked it out of the way and will be posting about it next week! Hopefully that brought back my crafting/sewing spirit and get me going on a skirt for myself. I went shopping recently with a friend to a fabric store that sold all sorts of apparel fabric and I found some nice knit jerseys. I plan on making skirts with it. Maybe a skirt week coming up? That would be fun!

» Tell me… What is something that has been taking up a lot of your “free time” lately?

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