Alive and Kicking…


You are probably wondering what happened to me. Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve been busy with regular mommy things and then a few more other things. And this whole Daylight Savings is not helping at all. My girls are having a hard time going to bed  because it is still bright as day outside. I grew up in Hawaii where they didn’t have Daylight Savings Time. To this day, I still don’t quite get why we do it. Why can’t people just stay up an hour later rather than changing the time?

Anyway, to put it lightly, I have been swamped. In fact, I was driving home the other day and realized that I still haven’t taken the baby in for her 15 month wellness check with the pediatrician. Yeah, she will be 19 months in a week. Ooops. Called the pediatrician and they just happened to have a cancelation for today. Here are a few things I have been doing… Pictured above is my girls have been having super fun play dates with their friends. I love that my girls have such great friends.

Among other things, I have a few trips coming up this year. One coming up for spring break. So much work involved to prepare for these trips. I haven’t started on them yet. Been trying to extinguish other fires before this one.

switch to lightroom

My biggest project that will take me forever to finish is still switching my digital photo library from Aperture to Lightroom. I am slowly going one month at a time deleting pictures and adding keywords and captions to them. I am trying to be better about organizing my photos. I love how Lightroom makes organizing my photos so easy. But this is still going to take a loooooooong time because I have 43,000 pictures to go through. It also has hindered me from taking more photos because I don’t want to have to organize them and add them to the 43,000 I am already having to do. It has been liberating to delete a bunch of photos and lighten the amount of photos in my library.

work out

And then I have been trying to hit the gym more consistently. I have lost most of the weight that was my goal. I am mostly concern about getting toned. Gym time is hard for me to factor into my day. I go mostly in the mornings and some late afternoons after Nathan is home from work. I want to live a more active life and be an example to my children on the importance of living an physically active life. It also helps to have gym buddies and amazing instructors and trainers.

new project

I am also working with Nathan and a few other friends/family on a side project that has nothing to do with Simply Modern Mom, motherhood or crafting. But I am having meetings on the side for this project. Can’t say much about this one yet.

dead fish

And then there was the time (recently) when we tried to keep fish. Again. This time the girls each got a goldfish at a carnival game back in February. The longest we were able to keep one alive was almost a week. By this time the words, “Your fish died,” doesn’t even phase them. Sad, I know.

» Tell me… What have you been up to lately? How do you find time or ways to organize your time to get things done? I need advice!

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