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instagram sickies

This was our house until this past Tuesday. Kaye came home with stuffy nose and a little bit of cough. By the time I realized it was an actual cold and not seasonal allergies or what not, she had already passed the germs onto her sisters. It went like dominos. One kid sick one day, then the next kid on the next day and so forth. I could feel myself starting to get the sickies too. I started loading up on Emergen-C twice a day and going to bed early. I was able to bypass the cold. Phew. I love Emergen-C. It has saved me so many times from getting sick or shortening the length of my illness. This cold lasted a little over a week for my girls. Once the fever was gone, they were stuck with this terrible dry cough where they would cough profusely every 10 minutes all day and night. And once that went, a few of us were struck with a stomach bug. Luckily that was only a 24-hour thing. We are all back to normal now, health-wise. I just need to get the house back in order.

» Tell me… What are your tips and tricks for staying healthy during cold and flu season? Do you take or do anything to boost your immune system when you feel like you are getting sick?

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  • Robin

    I know its disgusting but, Apple cider vinegar really is a super “food”. It works wonders. So is Aloe Vera. Actually ingesting it is really good for you. Google the benefits. No one ever tells us this stuff. Hope she feels better. 🙂


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