Vintage Map Covered Letters Tutorial

vintage map B collection

I three cardboard letters from Joann when they had a sale a while ago. I wanted a collection of B’s on my mantle. B for Bird (our last name). A while ago I showed you how I covered one of the cardboard B using twine. Then I had saw somewhere that had similar lettering covered in a map.

vintage map B

So I ordered a vintage world map from Amazon for $5. The map is actually a vintage style map that was printed on glossy poster paper. That worked out great because I didn’t have to cover the B in Mod Podge to give is a shine. I like that it is a neutral color and gave the letter a textured look.

vintage map B mantle

It was simple and easy to make. I was able to start and finish it in one afternoon. Although, this letter is quite big and if you go for something this big, you will want to get two maps to cover the entire letter front and back. Even in the closeup of the map, you can’t tell that it was printed on poster paper.


vintage map B setup

1. Cut the map into strips. Mine were about 2 x 5 inches.

vintage map B map

2. Using Mod Podge and brush, glue the map pieces to the lettering.

vintage map B glue

3. To make it fit the letter’s curves better, cut darts on the part that will glue to the inside of the letter. That helps it to form to the letter and not make it bumpy. Overlap the map strips a bit to make sure it is all covered. And done!

vintage map B cutting
vintage map B darts

» Tell me… Do you like vintage maps or any kinds of maps? Where do you keep them? I always love to decorate with them. 

vintage map B closeup

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