Adventures of Modern Mom: Sick Vacation

sick vacation

Well hello there! I’ve been M.I.A. for a while because we were actually traveling out West for spring break. Last year when Nathan and I found out Nathan’s grandma also has cancer (Nathan’s father has cancer) we decided we needed to make a family trip to spend some time with her. She is not doing any type of treatments for her cancer. The timing turned out well because Nathan’s parents decided to come along too. It was so nice to see grandma and Nathan’s parents. We ended up spending extra time with them because a stomach virus came through and knocked majority of us out. We were totally blindsided by this bug that ruined parts of our vacation. However, we made the best of the situation and still had fun.

The stomach flu hit Nathan first second day of vacation. The baby started with a fever then moved on to throwing up and ended with an ear infection. The stomach flu passed on to the other two girls and they both had a miserable time with it. As soon as we think someone was getting better, one of the kids would puke. It was ridiculous. It got to the point where Nathan and I would just stare at each other and laugh. If we didn’t, we would cry. Not what we had imagined for our vacation. We had plans that we had to cancel. We missed seeing some family and friends. But it all worked out in the end. It was still an unforgettable trip.

» Tell me… Have you ever gone on a vacation where you or everyone got sick? How did it all pan out in the end? How did you survive it?

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  • Alex Cheung

    Stomach flus are the worst! You feel completely out of control, a totally out-of-body experience. I missed a vacation (to Hong Kong for the entire summer!) altogether when I got hit in the eye by a golf club (my own fault). I couldn’t fly for months afterward!


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