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I absolutely love being a mom of girls. Looove it. My oldest two are in dance. They do ballet, tap and jazz. They love dance. I am pretty good about putting their hair up in a bun now. I use Whirl A Style because it is so easy and the bun comes out perfect every time. My girls have hair like mine- heavy, thick and straight. So it’s much easier to do a bun this way. The bun look is coming back in fashion again. I am trying to grow my hair out to try to put it up in a bun. Perfect for the summer.

» Tell me… How do you do a bun on yourself or your daughter?

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  • Emily

    A perfect bun! I love having a little girl and can’t wait til she’s in dance class. 🙂 I don’t do anything fancy with my buns but I’ll probably try a sock bun on my daughter; somehow I have like ten times more hair than she does.


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