Instagram: Snuggles With Dad

instagram snuggles

Baby Eve has been a mommy’s girl since birth. She loves her dad, but definitely prefers mom over dad for anything. I could discipline her and Nathan would come to comfort her and she still wants me to hold her instead of Nathan. Well, last week, she gave her dad some snuggle time and he ate it up. It was a rare occasion. Part of it might have been she was sick. But Nathan didn’t care. He got to snuggle with that baby for almost an hour. I love sweet moments like this.

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  • Alex Cheung

    That’s so sweet. I love discovering the preferences of babies. As an adult child, I’m constantly cognizant of the preferences I have for my own parents, and try to even it out a bit. After these least couple of weeks, I hope you guys will all be healthy for a long time!


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