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We have joined the Vitamix club. We’ve been looking into blenders and such as ours broke last year. Everyone kept talking about the Vitamix and I just couldn’t understand why anyone would pay $400 or more for a blender. Then we went to Costco. End of story.

But really. We happened to show up at Costco on a week night when the Vitamix demonstration was going on. I had seem them there before and just ignored them. This time, I did the same. However, Nathan and the girls stood in front of that demonstration for about an hour. They tried everything the guy made with the Vitamix – ice cream, smoothies, dips and even soups. The sales guy was very charismatic and my girls were the perfect audience to help him sell. I thought we should have gotten part of his commission because everything the girls tasted they raved, out loud, about how yummy it was. The guy sold eight Vitamixes in that hour. Two to people who already owned one and got one to upgrade.

Since we’ve had ours, I’ve used it quite a bit. Several times a week. I have been making smoothies and even soup for the family. The girls have no idea I put spinach, carrots and other vegetables in their smoothies. Ha! Ha! Mom wins.

» Tell me… Do you have a Vitamix? Have you heard of it? What do you like to use your Vitamix for?

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  • DAwn

    OMGosh! I covet having a Vitamix but just can’t afford it. I want to make smoothies for breakfast and sneak in the veggies for my kids like you did. 🙂 I’d also use it for soups and pureeing my veggies I freeze from my garden. I could fin so many uses. Enjoy yours!

  • Jen

    I can’t seem to bring myself to buy a kitchen appliance for that much, but my hubby replaced the blender he ruined with a Ninja. Comparable to the Vita Mix in consumer reports. Ninja’s are a little pricey but come in different sizes & packages. This new blender really does turn ice into snow! It’s been a fabulous addition to the kitchen!

  • Christina

    My story is almost identical to yours! I had a perfectly fine Waring Pro until it broke (2nd time a part broke during its 2-year time in my kitchen) and started asking around for recommendations. Then I went on Vitamix vs. Blendtec research, having known people who love both. Finally, I decided to try both…at least that is what I set out to do. Like you, I went to Costco, caught the demo, and end of story. I didn’t even both ordering the Blendec to try it out… It was instant love for me. So far, I have made smoothies daily (yay, hidden veggies!) and I have made the smoothest hummus which my boys love. It has become such a useful tool in my kitchen!

  • Amy

    I call the vitamin my 3rd child. I LOVE it. I make green smoothies in it everyday. I make a mean orange and tahini dressing in it, cashew cream ‘cheese’, nut milks, chocolate ‘mousses’ out of avocado and cacao. IT IS THE BEST THING I EVER GOT FOR THE KITCHEN!!!!! I must use it at least once everyday.


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