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Our house has been like this on and off for the last few months. Life has been crazy which means our house has been a mess. You know, I put all your energy into stuff I need to get done and at the end of the day, I am just plain tired. The last thing I want to do is clean the house. And after a few days, the house start to look like this everywhere. It drives me crazy. I am a clean and organized person. I don’t like to have a messy house. I am having to learn a balance between what I have time for and what is okay to let go. Doesn’t it seem like motherhood is always a juggling act?

» Tell me… What tricks and tips do you use to keep your house clean and neat?

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  • LaShawn C

    Ideally I like to keep my how clean. Gotta learn to pick your battles though. That picture to me just says happy kiddos. Your house looks lived in & I see children having fun. Don’t worry about toys on the floor! Life is stressful enough to worry about that. 😉 They will get picked up eventually. Only to get put back on the floor. Pick your battles! ….Love the artwork on the wall btw!!!

  • Robin Myer

    You and me both. I have 6 little ones and with the youngest being a little baby its VERY hard to keep up. Nap times is when I clean up the house. So after lunch when my toddler tornado is done throwing her food on the floor, Thats when most of them go down for naps and Mommy cleans. Then i reward myself with some computer time or something. After the naps with this nice weather I tell them to eat snacks at the picnic table outside so the floors stay clean. It seems to be working right now. Its hard I know. I try to get the girls to clean the room every night before bed but im not always enforcing that.

  • Jennifer

    I try to pick up throughout the day. My kid s are 6 and 4, so they are getting better about cleaning up their own messes. When the kids are in the tub playing, I use that time to clean up, so they’re not right behind me making a mess.

  • Alissa Read

    Everyone’s house looks like this at some point if they are busy and have kids. It’s life! I share your frustration about cleaning – I can’t stand mess and clutter. There is a difference between having a few things out, various toys being played with, etc. and things being a genuine mess. The police call it the “Broken Window” theory – when one window gets broken and isn’t fixed, it gives the rest of the neighborhood permission to not be as tidy or care as much about cleaning up. Once clutter starts to happen, it just naturally attracts more. It becomes “ok” to leave other things out, since the room needs to be cleaned anyway. What I do is make a list of chores and divide them up by day. I do a little each day and a 10 minute tidy up in the am and before bed, and it really helps! That way you aren’t tackling the whole house all at once. I also enlist the kiddos to help – one of their favorite games is the Spot game. I give them a damp rag and then time them to see how many “spots” they can clean off the kitchen floor. I always give them lots of praise when they do it so they think of it as fun, while I think of it as a way to entertain them and also to extend the time between a complete washing of the floor! My kids also have a little chore board with a dry erase pen, and they get to check off their “chores” (making their bed, putting dirty clothes in the hamper, picking up toys) and they get a kick out of using the pen and seeing who can mark off their list faster. If they check their boards off every day for a whole week, we do something fun like ice cream sundae night at the end. There are still times the house work gets behind, and when that happens I crank up some good tunes and the kids and I work together to get caught up. They can dust and help put things where they belong. Sometimes, we pick out funny ways to put things back – “pretend you are a puppy, and take this toy to your room,” or “hop like a bunny to the bathroom to hand up the towel.” You can do crab walk races and all kinds of stuff. The amount of work never changes really, but how you approach it makes all the difference!


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