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instagram summer hair

You know how people say You want what you can’t have? Well, I have always wanted wavy hair. Not super curly but just enough wave and volume to do that messy summer hair look. But no, that’s never going to happen with with my straight and flat Asian hair. I usually chop my hair off around this time of year because having long, heavy, black hair in the summer is just not a good idea. It absorbs heat like crazy. However, this summer I decided to let it grow out so I maybe attempt fun summer dos, like the bun. Some of you have asked me how I get perfect buns on my girls for dance. Well, I use the Whirl-A-Style. It is so fast and easy to use. That’s what I used to do my hair too. I love it.

» Tell me… What is your summer go-to hair style?

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  • Reka

    I love the bun! But since I just had my hair chopped off, putting it up with a french hair clip will have to do for a while. Have you thought of accessorising your bun? 😉

  • kamaile

    My go to hot weather hairdo is a braid. I need to check out that whirl a style thing. My hair is so long it’s hard to keep in a bun. I thought about trying the sock bun. Have you tried that in comparison to the whirl a thing?

  • Nikki R.

    Wow, I want one! I was wondering how you got such a sleek bun at church. 🙂
    And wavy/curly hair is actually very annoying. I’ve always wanted hair like yours. lol


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