Sevenly Helping Down Syndrome

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Today I have a couple cool things to tell you about. Cool thing #1: Not sure if you know about the website Sevenly or not, but they are a company that features a charity or non-profit each week to help them raise funds for their cause. For the entire week, any products you purchase from their website $7 of each item will go to the charity cause. Even better, Sevenly comes up with new shirt designs geared toward the cause they are featuring that week.

This bring me to cool thing #2: Sevenly is featuring Lettercase this week. An organization that creates up-to-date, accurate information for parents receiving prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Lettercase is all about educating mothers and providing them with resources they need to raise a Down syndrome child.

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Sevenly products also include shirts, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories for men, women, children and pets. This week’s featured shirts have saying such as, “Blessing not a burden,” and “Give a lifeline.” Now, this is not a sponsored post by Sevenly or Lettercase. A good friend of mine started Lettercase and told me about being featured on Sevenly. So I wanted to personally help them get the word out. It’s such a great cause!

So please go check out Sevenly and their great cause of helping Down syndrome this week!

» Tell me… What are some great causes you are involved with?

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  • Courtney

    Beautiful idea. Thanks for the super share. I am always looking for great organizations like this before I ever make a purchase. Logging this one down as a keeper and bookmarking. Great blog. Love the font here in the comments section alone!


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