Strawberry Fields Forever

strawberry picking 5

We try to make this an annual tradition where we pick strawberries as a family. It is so much fun and we happen to love strawberries. It is actually a ways for us to go pick strawberries but it is so worth it everywhere. The strawberries are so sweet and slightly cheaper than grocery stores.

strawberry picking 3

The girls have a great time helping out and filling up their buckets full of red strawberries. We picked over 25 pounds of strawberries. I had intention to make freezer jam with them. But never got around to it. So we froze most of the strawberries that we didn’t digest immediately for smoothies.

strawberry picking 4

The strawberry farm had train rides for the kids. And not to mention the most delicious strawberry ice cream and homemade strawberry pies. I have to say, the Southerners know how to fry up some yummy pies.

strawberry picking 2

This was Eve’s first year picking by herself. She is strawberry’s no. 1 fan. So I was surprised when she didn’t eat as she went.

strawberry picking 1

» Tell me… Do you pick your own fruits? Or have you? What grows where you live?

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