Adventures of Modern Mom: Extracurricular Activity Blues


We are full swing back into school schedule again. Monday was our big day. Kaye went back to school with so much excitement. I am lucky that girl loves school. This week we are also starting piano lessons and next week dance will start back again. My two oldest girls have been doing dance for a few years now. And I figured second grade would be a good time for Kaye to start piano lessons. In the summer the older girls did swim lessons. A break from dance. So that’s where we are now. We are back with piano and dance.

I would like the girls to keep swimming so they can keep practicing and not lose what they learned from all the swim lessons. The girls would love to play tennis too. They did a quick session at an expo this summer with a children tennis coach. Nathan played tennis and swam on the swim team in high school. He is loving that his girls were doing swim, and especially now that they want to learn tennis. Rather than putting the girls in tennis lessons, we got everyone rackets, just their size, and we will attempt to play as a family.

Here’s my thing. Nathan and I think we are going to limit my girls’ extracurricular activities to two per person. There are lots of things I would love for my girls to do. But I don’t want to overload them with extracurricular activities. Plus it gets expensive really quick with three girls with so many interests. The budget is getting tight with two girls in dance, one in competition dance, and one in private piano lessons. And then you add in the amount of time and gas it takes me to run them to practices, performances, and so forth. I also have to keep the other girls who are not participating in the activity entertained while we wait. I keep joking with Nathan that he will have to find another job just to fund all the extra curricular activities!

» Tell me… What extra curricular activities do you have your children do or would like them to do? How do you balance it all?

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  • Alexandra Galas

    Having a 13 year old boy and a nine year old girl, I really understand your worries. This school year started for my little ones with a huge amount oft extracurricular activities. Just to mention some of them: astronomy, chinese, history courses, circus sports, rowing – and the open wishlist still includes violine lessons, swim team and others. My particular problem about it is not only the unaffordable amount of money, but the organisation. As my husband is working “on the road” I have to take care of the kids alone most of the time. I try to force them making decisions on how to spend their school free time, because it´s pretty hard for me getting it all together, thinking of all the homework and other chores they ( and I!!!) have to manage besides.
    I really think we should reduce their schedules. What is important for me: they should do at least one thing they really love and one thing sporty. If I had the feeling that one of them would be overtaxed, I had no problem with deciding in their place what to skip. Actually, they seam to need a lot of activity. Nevertheless, I am a believer in kids needing time for boredom, dreaming, friends and family time. In that sense, you are going the right way. Plus: busy kids with breathless mums? No good idea in my point of view.

    Love your blog!
    Greetings from far old Germany ( this as an excuse for my rusty language!)


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