Candy Bracelet Valentines Printable

Candy Bracelet Valentine Printable

Hello, February! I am back into the blogging world today to share with you a free printable Valentine that the kids can use at school for their friends. I designed this for my daughter’s class to hand out to other second graders. It’s a simple card with a fun candy bracelet that everyone loves. Click on the link after jump to download the printable.

Candy Bracelet Valentine Printable 2

I ordered a box of candy bracelets from Amazon for a cheap price. It’s individually packaged and ready to go. Then I printed these cards out on regular 8 1/2 x 11 inch card stock paper. I actually took it to a print center that charged about $0.50 per sheet. I brought my own card stock because I wanted the cards to be a certain color. Lastly, I taped the sides of the bracelets package to the card using fabric tape I had, or you can also use washi tape to make it cute. I made 32 Valentines for $12.00 with leftover candy bracelets. If you have a color printer at home you can print it out and save yourself some printing cost.

Candy Bracelet Valentines Printable (Click to download)

And there’s also the bubble Valentines printable that you can also use too. Two fun options for a simple and quick Valentines to keep your life easy.

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