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Hello, hello! Thanks for stopping by! I am Tiffany Bird, the modern mom. This is my blog where I share a little bit of everything with you. With me is the modern dad, my husband and my in-house techie/web developer for SMM, Nathan. We have three. Yes. I’ll say that again. Three girly girls. I don’t use their real names on here for privacy reasons. But for your references, I call them…

  • Kaye – my soon to be 6-year-old. She will be starting first grade in the fall. And she is smarter than the average kid.
  • Elle – the spunky 3-year-old. She knows how to have a good time and keeps us laughing.
  • Eve – the almost 1-year-old baby. She is doing what she can to keep up with her big sisters.

As a family we love to travel, explore the world around us and be silly. As a modern mom I like to organize, craft, sew, decorate our house and make lists. I also love photography. So you’ll see lots of pictures here. We are also LDS (aka Mormons).

SMM first began as a place for me to share my craft projects and ideas. A few months after the launch of SMM, I realized all modern moms had a common need. Simplicity. So I steered the site into becoming a tool for modern moms to simplify their lives. Modern moms don’t have time to read elaborate articles. Modern moms want quick, simple, easy to do ideas that are feasible for any mom’s lifestyle. Simplicity is my life motto. I am constantly looking for ways to simplify and systemize many aspects of my life. Making lists is what I do best.

Thank you for reading and visiting Simply Modern Mom!

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