Adventures of Modern Mom: When to Stop


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, you heard this news last week. If you haven’t heard it yet, let me tell you… We are expecting yet another baby. And the biggest news of all, is that the baby will be another girl! Tally that up and you will get four girls in our household. We’ve been getting both congratulations and condolences, most condolences were for Nathan. It’s OK to feel sorry for that poor guy who is way outnumbered by the flow of estrogen under one roof. We are excited for this little girl though. I was praying hard for another girl. It’s what I know. It’s what I do. I would be so out of my elements if we had a boy. And that boy would be bossed around and dressed up by his sisters. The girls were hoping for a brother though.

And although this is a personal matter that varies per family, Nathan and I decided this would be our last child. I don’t think I can mentally or physically handle more than four children. And we want to be able to provide our children with a lifestyle that we see fit for our family. Nothing lavish. Just comfortable will do for us. Four would be the max with only Nathan working and me staying at home. Stay-at-home is a funny term because although I am a stay-at-home mom, I am rarely at home. I am busy running my children everywhere.

Anyway, the point is some families are comfortable with one child, others have more than four. And their reasoning are all different. It’s a personal matter and people come to terms differently on this topic. I would like to know how you knew you were done having children.

» Tell me… What was your experience like knowing when you were done having children?

Here I Am!


Hello there! If you are still around after my two month absence, I want to say, thank you for not giving up on me. I have to say, it has just been one thing after another. The part of June and the entire month of July, Nathan worked a.lot. We didn’t see him for a good month and half. Also in June, Nathan’s dad, in his fight with cancer, took a turn for the worst. He got out of it a month later. But it was scary that month. In August we started school and had two of our girls with birthdays. At the end of August, Nathan’s dad had a CT scan with disappointing results. That same week, Nathan’s youngest sister found out she had a cyst in her brain that was causing her horrible headaches and migraines. They had to do brain surgery right away. In September, Nathan’s dad started sloping downhill again. Darn cancer. Nathan ended up flying last minute to Washington to be with his parents and help them get some family business situated. Then we all went out to Washington to spend about 10 days with grandma and grandpa. Nathan and I continued to help his parents work on family business items while the girls had fun exploring the gorgeous surroundings where Nathan’s parents live. It was so good to be there with my in-laws. It was extremely hard to leave them. Here are some pictures from our trip. Some you may have seen already if you follow me on Instagram.


It was a five and half hour direct flight from Atlanta to Seattle. So when we got off the plane, we made a stop at the LDS Seattle Temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). It was gorgeous. Just the perfect reminder for us that families can be together forever, just what we needed at this time of family trial.


When we got to grandma and grandpa’s house, the girls were in heaven. Nathan’s parents live in such a magical place. The girls played in the yard.


They painted and colored for hours. Leave a book of artwork for grandma and grandpa to keep.


There is an orchard in the backyard with apples and pears. We were able to pick hundreds of dollars worth of fruit for free. Yum!


The girls loved being able to go in the backyard, pick fruits, and eat it.


We watched beautiful sunsets next to mountains.


Nathan took the girls out for their first 4-wheeling ride.


Gorgeous apples made into apple crisps that evening.


There was also garden with peaches, tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs, grapes, raspberries (gone by the time we were there), blueberries (also gone), squashes, and zucchinis. This little girl ate all the tomatoes she wanted, her favorite food.


Girls practiced shooting basketballs.


We had a whipped cream flight on our last day there. It was the highlight of the trip. Delicious and fun.


Well, we had a lovely visit and didn’t want to come home. Now that we are home, we are getting back into the routine of things with our usual school, work, dance classes, and piano lessons. Things are still up in the air with Nathan’s dad. Some days are better than others. His sister is recovering pretty well from brain surgery but still suffers from short term memory loss. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for his family.


I am trying to catch up on things and get back into making/crafting things. The holidays are fast approaching. I would like to be on top of things and enjoy the holidays if I could. You will be hearing from me soon. 🙂


» Tell me… Where is your favorite place to visit? Where do your children like to go on vacation?


Adventures of Modern Mom: Extracurricular Activity Blues


We are full swing back into school schedule again. Monday was our big day. Kaye went back to school with so much excitement. I am lucky that girl loves school. This week we are also starting piano lessons and next week dance will start back again. My two oldest girls have been doing dance for a few years now. And I figured second grade would be a good time for Kaye to start piano lessons. In the summer the older girls did swim lessons. A break from dance. So that’s where we are now. We are back with piano and dance.

I would like the girls to keep swimming so they can keep practicing and not lose what they learned from all the swim lessons. The girls would love to play tennis too. They did a quick session at an expo this summer with a children tennis coach. Nathan played tennis and swam on the swim team in high school. He is loving that his girls were doing swim, and especially now that they want to learn tennis. Rather than putting the girls in tennis lessons, we got everyone rackets, just their size, and we will attempt to play as a family.

Here’s my thing. Nathan and I think we are going to limit my girls’ extracurricular activities to two per person. There are lots of things I would love for my girls to do. But I don’t want to overload them with extracurricular activities. Plus it gets expensive really quick with three girls with so many interests. The budget is getting tight with two girls in dance, one in competition dance, and one in private piano lessons. And then you add in the amount of time and gas it takes me to run them to practices, performances, and so forth. I also have to keep the other girls who are not participating in the activity entertained while we wait. I keep joking with Nathan that he will have to find another job just to fund all the extra curricular activities!

» Tell me… What extra curricular activities do you have your children do or would like them to do? How do you balance it all?