Friday’s 5 at 5: Back-To School Essentials

Majority of you probably don’t start school as early as we do in Georgia. The bell rings first thing Monday morning for us. Yes, as in next Monday. Although you might not start school yet, you are probably looking at that school supply list and gasping at it. Here are a few back-to-school things that I love to use with my children.

  • Lands’ End backpacks. They are my favorites because they come in just the right size for your child according to height and age. And I have even put them in the wash before and they came out brand new. Made with durable material and lots of pockets. Also cute styles for both boys and girls. lands end backpacks
  • Running shoes. Kids like them bright and bold these days. You can find them in just about any brand. But these Nike ones are fun and comfortable. nike kids shoes
  • Bento lunchbox. These are eco-friendly and great at not getting lunches smashed. I remember using these as a child and having hot or cool lunches in them. bento lunchbox
  • Lice repel hair spray. My kids are still in elementary school where most lice epidemics occur. And since I have so many girls and lots of hair in my household. I would rather my child doesn’t come home with lice. And every year, she comes home with that dreaded lice letter saying someone in the class had lice. So back in kindergarten, I purchased lice prevention hair spray. I sprayed it in my daughter’s hair just about every morning. I also sprayed her coats and backpacks every once in a while too. So far so good. I get it every year since. lice prevention hair spray
  • Water bottle. This Camelbak water bottle is BPA-free, spill-proof, and insulated. It filters water and it has a loop for easy carry or hook onto the backpack. camelbak water bottle

» Tell me… What are some of your back-to-school essentials? What are your favorite and durable back-to-school supplies?

Intriguing Sites: 23 Snaps

23 snaps

I love to take pictures of my children and share it with friends and family. But I am very particular with who I share the pictures with. I recently downloaded the 23 Snaps app on my iPhone because it lets me to share picture with only people I allow to see them. They also put pictures of my children into a timeline. I can write comments or captions to each picture and tag multiple children to one picture. Pretty cool.

» Tell me… What apps do you like to use for sharing photos of your children?

Oh, Summer…

So, yeah. Summer has come and gone so quickly. I can’t believe our kids start school next week. I am currently immersing myself in back-to-school shopping and getting extracurricular activities set up for the school year. I am going to have a second grader this year. How did that happen? I am not quite sure I am ready for school to start yet. I just got my kids to sleep in in the mornings. Next week we go back to waking up at 6:45 bright and early.

Our family had a fun summer full of trips and exciting activities. That’s why I was M.I.A. most of the summer. I decided to take a break to enjoy my family, hang out with the kids. And Nathan also has been working double over time at work so it’s been just me and the kids everywhere. Here’s a glimpse of our summer in snapshots…

I went on a much needed girls trip to the beach. It was so relaxing a fun. We did hit Myrtle Beach at the time of a tropical storm but that didn’t damper our beach plans at all.


Nathan and I also went on our first child-less vacation to Tampa. Our first time child-less vacationing since the oldest was born, and our first time in Tampa. We absolutely loved Tampa. Such a fun city with so much to do!


Went to the mall to ride the carousel and replace my iPhone that had a broken camera.


Made a slide with cardboard and the stairs. Good ol’ fashion fun.


Became rollerskating divas. We bought the girls rollerskates and they needed to learn how to use them. They are coming along great.


Played at the park and said farewell to some great friends. Always sad to see good friends go.


Indulged in a couple movies at the theater. We went to a summer movie program at the local theater that played older movies. And for $4 you get admissions, snacks, popcorn and a drink. The girls also watched Monsters University. They loved it.


Swam at the pool a few times. I bought a new phone case for my cell phone so I could take underwater pictures and protect my phone from just about everything. I got the Lifeproof case and so far so good. The sounds are a little muffled and the case screen doesn’t touch the phone screen all the way making typing a little tricky sometimes on the phone. But other than that I like it.


The girls had swim lessons all summer long. I will be glad at the last class on Thursday! However, they have been loving it and learning to swim.


» Tell me… What have you been up to this summer? What do you like to do with the kids during the summer?