Girls’ Pink Bedroom Details

A few other details about the girls’ pink bedroom that I wanted to show you and answer some of your questions you had. First, the girls’ room don’t have central lighting. So we opted for lantern in the middle of the ceiling. There are two smaller and one large lanterns. They work wonderful lighting their room. I love it.

I also made some black-out drapes for their window. The sun shines in their window as it sets which makes it hard for them to sleep in the summer months when the sun doesn’t go down until 9 p.m. So the black-out drapes are a necessity here. It also helps to keep their room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Next week I will have a tutorial on how I made those butterflies on their wall. I wanted to have a flock of butterflies fly through their room. And I also made these magnetic felt letters and numbers for them to play on the walls. That is because we painted their walls with magnetic paint! How fun is that?

I used Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer on their walls. We did about 4 coats of it. It’s really think primer, very much like tar. And it is really stinky, high odor. So it took several days for it to air out. But the pink colors painted well right over it, of course we used the Behr Premium Ultra Paint that is primer and paint in one. It was well worth the little extra cost.

So since the butterflies are glued onto magnets, it was easy to attach them to the wall without glue or nails. I love the white with the pink.

If you want to know how we painted all those stripes, I did a tutorial on it a while ago. Go here to see the how to paint three stripes tutorial. We used five different colors in this room. Three pink colors, then a green and white as accent colors.

Here are our favorite paints. We went with a satin finish because it is more durable for children. It is also easier to clean. Behr actually provided us with all the paint we used for the girls’ room. Thanks Behr!

We also used tons of painter’s tape. I’m not exaggerating when I said TONS. Below is a picture of just some of the painter’s tape we pulled off.

After trying a couple different kinds of painter’s tape, I liked Scotch’s Blue with Edge Lock the best. It peeled off easily and didn’t allow the paint to leak through. It was a clean straight line. You can imagine how many of these value packs we went through. Ha!

See now clean the lines are? Thanks to Nathan and all his patience in painting over 100 stripes in this room. He’s amazing!

Rather than doing stripes in their closet, we just went with a solid pink color. It was one of the colors in the stripes. It looks bubble gum pink to me. Go here to find out the exact colors we used for this room.

Another thing I made, I mentioned in last week’s Friday’s 5 at 5 of used items I purchased to decorate their room. It this gum ball machine. My mom found this at a yard sale for $7. I had been looking for one for the girls’ room and saw this in her garage. I bought it from her.

This is what it looked like afterwards. I couldn’t find anything to fill the gum ball machine with that was the right colors for the room.

I looked and looked in stores and still couldn’t find anything. Finally I had the thought to filled it with balls of yarn. I purchased several different colors and got rolling. And that it. I have a few more post this week about the room. Then next week we can talk about something else, OK?

» Tell me… The colors of your house. I want to know what colors you have on your walls!



5 Responses to “Girls’ Pink Bedroom Details”

  • Erika

    Amazing!!! I love the stripes, you did an awesome job. My daughter has that exact gumball machine (it was her Aunts as a child) I love how it looks painted!

  • Tracy A Shelton

    it would be perfectfor a girl who is a pink person , my bedroom is lime green n teal, where on earth did u get a gum ball machine, n how did u fit the balls of yarn, love it!!!

  • Tracy A Shelton

    it would be perfect for a girl who is a pink person , my bedroom is lime green n teal with owls of course!, where on earth did u get a gum ball machine, n how did u fit the balls of yarn, love it!!!

  • nicole

    NOW I know what to do with the balls of yarn my daughter has! What pant did you use on the gumball machine? it’s perfect for her teal room!


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